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April 04, 2007

Aasim-Shalaka Visit India

Aasim and Shalaka were married in the USA in July 2005. They came to India in December 2006 for the first time as husband and wife. During this fortnight they visited family and friends in Bombay, Thane, Ahmedabad, Banglaore and Kerala. 

Here's a brief account of their Bangalore visit. It was a festive occasion. They flew in from Bombay on a cold Monday morning in early January. I met them at the airport and we drove home. They relaxed most of the day. The next evening, I had invited about 80 guests for a party at the Bangalore Club to meet them.

The Party
It was a party for the Newlyweds Aasim-n-Shalaka. Before dinner, we had a short ceremony with flowers, aarti, readings from the Rigveda and the Bible, a blessing and a toast.

Abolim and jasmine flowers are traditional adornment for a bride. The ladies of the family - 3 generations: Eunice, Premeela and Shona - did the honours.
That's me, behind Aasim.

My dear friends Maya and Geetha performed aarti to bless the young couple. Don't miss Maya's Kodava sari and Geetha's silver thali.

What else happened at the celebration?
Everybody partied!

See more pics

The next night, Aasim-Shalaka took Gran and me to dinner at Tchi, a fancy Chinese restaurant on Edward Road. We had lotsa fun and excellent food. Aasim dug into the crab dish with both hands. After watching him, Gran sipped some wine, let her inhibitions go and happily did the same. We laughed so much that hason hason potanth dukh :) A fun evening of family bonding.

On Friday Aasim and Shalaka flew out to spend a long weekend in Kerala - overnight on a houseboat in the backwaters near Alleppey and then at the Marari Beach Resort. They took the flight from Bombay to London on the 15th afternoon. To their bad luck, at Heathrow they missed the connecting flight to the US and had to spend the night in London, waiting to be accommodated on the next available flight to New York. They reached home tired and jetlagged 36 hours after leaving Bombay. But their baggage got lost in transit (again !). As I write this, they are both back at work.

Postscript: The missing baggage is expected to arrive in a few days. I expect that the farsan in one of those bags is likely to turn into chewda :)

Post-Postscript: They called to tell me that the missing bags were traced and delivered - Der aya, durust aya .

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