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What a wonderful world we live in! Five continents, countless islands - and that's just the landmasses. Mighty oceans, waterways and lakes. Icecaps, mountains, volcanoes and man-made wonders.

The First Famous Traveller

2500 years ago, a man set out on his travels and wrote about them too.  Read about Herodotus and his Ancient Travels.


Now in the 21st century, the world is a global village. Travel and tourism is a huge industry. One can't see it all in a lifetime. But to see little bits is marvelous enough.Who knows, some day my grandchildren might holiday on the moon!

A Reflection

The NICEST place is  ........ to be in someone’s Thoughts
The SAFEST place is ......... to be in someone’s Prayers

My Travels

India, where I was born and brought up, is too big to cover in a lifetime. I've been to some places and which are part of who I am - hard to describe in words.

Before 2005, I have travelled abroad a bit  - UK, Europe, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand. But when I started blogging, these trips were over and done with. You will not find them in the list below. Not yet.

New Zealand, 2008
A memorable 12 weeks holiday with family and friends.

The Holy Land, 2008
A whirlwind tour of  the Middle East covering Palestine, Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

Auckland in Winter 2009
A special time, bonding with my new grandson.

South Africa, 2010
A fortnight's sightseeing in South Africa with a large group of old friends.

USA, Summer of 2010
Three Months with my family.

Sri Lanka, 2010
A week's vacation in Sri Lanka.

Auckland Revisited, 2011
A special visit to witness the birth of a granddaughter.

Bali, 2013
A tour of South East Asia, including a few days in exotic Bali.

Herodotus and his Ancient Travels
Travelling and writing about it is a pastime that has been going on forever. Herodotus, the earliest of ancient Greek prose writers, travelled extensively and wrote about it.

At a young age, Herodotus set out to visit and observe with his own eyes, the most remote countries and nations. This was in the 5th century BC when the world as they knew it was centered round the Mediterranean. He began with visits to the islands and coast of Asia Minor. Then he ventured into the distant lands of Egypt, Palestine and Phoenicia. He went as far east as Babylon and Susa. He sailed through the Hellespont into the Black Sea and visited all the countries on its shores. Then he returned to Athens and lived there. Afterwards he moved to Italy where many of his fellow Greeks had migrated. It is believed that he settled in Thurii where he wrote about his travels and died.

His only surviving book, known as the History of the Persian Wars is about the Persian invasion of Greece. In the course of his writings he gives an account of the various countries which he had visited, the results of his inquiries and his own observations. For those times, it was a long and wonderfully accurate story. No wonder he is called the "Father of History".

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