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October 07, 2010

Stand Up and Talk

Stand-up is a style of humour where a single comedian performs for a live audience, speaking directly to them. Beyond this, it is next to imposssible to describe Stand Up Comedy. You have to watch it to appreciate this unique form of entertainment. Originally, a stand up artist delivered monologues on stage or in clubs with a microphone in his hand, face to face with his audience. Now TV brings stand up comedy into every home.

A good stand up artist is able to make his audience chuckle and guffaw, when not rolling in the aisles with tears of laughter. It takes lively wit, superb language and quick timing to become a successful comedian. Each artist has a unique style.

I have enjoyed Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars ceremony, Bill Cosby in many performances and Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. They are contemporary examples of the American brand of humour - topical, irreverent and in-your-face.

The British do it in their own inimitable style. Eddie Izzard started as a street performer in London. Billie Connolly gave up welding in glasgow to become a comedian, singer and actor. Lenny Henry, a successful stand up on TV, compered the hugely popular Rock With Laughter in 2009. Ed Byrne (Irish) is a regular on the international circuit.

In India one of the funniest is Johnny Lever. Starting with plain old mimicry, he became a brilliant stand up artist. His brand of humour, accent and body language - all are typical Bambaiya. And hilarious. :) But of his Bollywood ham performances, the less said the better!

There's another guy, a Hindi poet (I can't recall his name right now, but it will pop up, I know). To be precise, he is not a stand up artist, because he sits and talks! He can liven up a kavi sammelan or mehfil with his deadpan delivery of extremely funny verses and couplets.

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