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September 12, 2011

Plane Fascination

Little boys (and some little girls too) are fascinated with planes. My grandson is no exception. In fact, he is attracted to almost anything connected to a motor. The vacuum cleaner at home, the lawnmower in the garden, the weekly garbage truck, the delivery vans - they all get his fullest attention. Motorbikes and cars are his obsession. On the road, he keeps a sharp look-out for diggers (earth-movers) at construction sites, cop-cars on the move, boats on the  waterfront and planes flying overhead. Vardaan, the video clips below are specially for your viewing pleasure.

...Take off
... Rare planes
... Landings
... Low-altitude flying
... Fly-past


Anonymous said...

Good collection ... Vardaan watched them intently with running commentary: blades dekho, raat ho gayee hai, batti jalaye hain, kitni sari hai hawai jahaz, peeli wali hai, humko yeh wali dikhao, more?, etc, etc :) Yasmin

Rhoda said...

Yasmin: I'm glad that Vardaan liked the clips :)
I believe the low-altitude flying video is near the Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong, which now has a new airport.

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