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November 01, 2011

Bullying in School

School is supposed to be filled with learning, fun and games. Bullying can  ruin it, leaving  painful emotional scars and memories of bitter experiences of one's  school days.

Why it Happens
Parent-Teacher Collaboration
Tips to Handle Bullying

October is Anti-bullying Awareness Month. Watch this clip where kids see a bullying episode and talk about it. This was in Australia. But it happens everywhere.

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Bryan Mooney said...

I was bullied in high school, though not for being gay astonishingly. I wasn't out at school and nobody supposed I was gay luckily because I'm not really feminine or overly masculine really. I was actually quite a popular young lad when I lived in the states and at first when my family moved to Scotland. Online dissertation help and writing service in high school not so much. I occurred to befriend a girl who was very disliked at my high school. In fact quite often people would try and persuade me that I shouldn't be friends with her if I wanted to be general.

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