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June 22, 2012

Indians in the US

Almost everyone I know has relatives and friends in the US. In India we call them NRIs... Non-Resident Indians. Their official label is PIO (Person of Indian Origin). We're proud of them.

Many of the first-generation NRIs are educated, talented young men and women who went to the US for higher studies and better jobs. Is it surprising that the drive to make good has led to hard work, perseverance and success? Read about their comparative performance here: Indian Americans Top in Income and Education

Strong family ties and success stories beckoned more Indians to join the successful early migrants to the US. The IT industry did the rest. Today there are about 3 million NRIs  in the US, the five most populated states being California, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Illinois. No prizes if you guessed that the largest single NRI concentration is in and around San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley! You will find here some interesting information on NRIs.

The second and third generation NRIs are sometimes laughingly called ABCDs. More about this later...


Marianne de Nazareth said...

3 million is mind boggling Rhoda!

But my son is happy and so are we for him!

Rhoda said...


Three million and growing exponentially!Indian Americans are the fastest growing (10% per year)immigrant groups in the United States, also the top ethnic community in terms of income and education.

btw, my sons are happy there too!

paul subaiya said...

Yes 3 millions snd growing..........I want to look at the flip side of the coin.......these many are not in India and to that end India is loosing the fruit of their talents and of their progenies.

Paul Subaiya

Rhoda said...


Yes, the brain drain issue is very much alive...

Diana Saldanha said...

When our son John, who had gone to the US after graduating from IIT Delhi, decided to stay on in the US my husband and I were unhappy. We wanted him to come back and live and work for his country. That was 25 years ago. But now when I compare the school environment and opportunities enjoyed by John's children in the US with similar ones here, I have no regrets.

Rhoda said...

Which country is better for children's education? Today, more Indian and Chinese students are front runners in US schools. On the flip side, the Indian education system still discounts innovation and creativity in favour of rote learning. But things are not strightforward, as this article in the Wall Street Journal (2009) points out:
Indian vs. US Education

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