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July 14, 2012

Senior Moments

The Twilight Years

You, me and everybody else who are fortunate enough to live long, will see their hair turn grey or disappear. The inescapable process of aging will intrude into your life, whether you are prepared for it or not.

The problems of growing old are well known. There is plenty to read, see, discuss and do regarding them. In fact, we have a special healthcare subject dedicated to it - geriatrics. This short video clip is a whimsical look at some pinpricks that senior citizens face.  The language is Hindi, but the visuals alone should suffice. Listen with your inner ear as you enjoy the unforgettable Mohammed Rafi in the background.

The End of the Road

Some day - nobody knows when - I will die.

I wish I could say this to myself every single morning when I wake up. Then, perhaps I would live my days differently!

What do people regret the most  when life is ebbing away? Bonnie Ware is an Australian nurse who, for many years, cared for people in their last days. She has recorded their most common regrets in her blog  Regrets of the Dying. You might be surprised at the top five on the list. What would you put on yours?

Let's  look at the bright side too. On your life's page, put down the highlights that gave you joy. In each of your sentences, fill in the blanks: I'm glad_________________ happened in my life.

I tried it and found myself feeling good and counting my blessings :)

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