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March 27, 2013

Easter, 2013

Easter is a festival of Renewal, Hope and Joy ... a celebration of the Triumph of Good over Evil. In the preceding 40 days, Christians are expected to prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus through penance, fasting, prayer and meditation.

I was reflecting on the basic paradox ... the weaknesses and frailties inherent in every human being and the exhortations to aspire for superhuman Christ-like perfection ... Then I came across this:

The Biblical prophets and saints apparently had serious shortcomings. Yet they became powerful instruments in the Divine Hand, performing  extraordinary deeds and achieving great holiness.

With faith, one can overcome. For me, this is the message of Easter.


Marianne de Nazareth said...

Thanks for that Rhoda!

I tend to get submerged with work and forget to stop and breathe and think and reflect about Easter.

Rhoda said...

Marianne, glad to have made you stop & breathe ...

Anonymous said...

Entirely true Rhoda. As we know without Easter there is nothing. Easter proves everything. Yes, faith can overcome. Yet, it is hard to have complete faith. So often is one assailed with question marks and doubts. It is best to realise how infinitesimally small one is and TRUST IN THE LORD.


Rhoda said...

Archie, Yes. It boils down to the essentials ... faith, hope & charity ... doesn't it.

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