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November 22, 2013

Dirty Hands

Did you know that hands are one of the *dirtiest* parts of the body?  Why, because our hands touch many things that are not clean. Not only when we use the bathroom, but other surfaces too. So which are the top suspects?

Keyboards: I was taken aback to read that the computer keyboard - which my fingers are tapping right now - probably carries much more bacteria than a toilet seat. Honestly,
I can't even remember when I last cleaned my keyboard!

Handles: Light switches, doorknobs and handles - these are some of the objects that everybody touches every day. If they are in public places, who knows what germs are being transmitted when you touch them? 

Menu Cards: You enter a nice clean restaurant, use the washroom to clean your hands, sit at a table and pick up a menu card. Wait a second! How many people must have handled that card - coughed, sneezed, touched with dirty fingers? Do restaurants clean their menu cards?

Cash: It circulates rapidly from hand to hand. It is never washed! Go figure...

Cellphones: It goes in pockets and bags; sits on all sorts of surfaces - chairs, tables, beds. You don't always pick it up with clean hands. Your spit falls on it as you talk. Do people disinfect their cellphones regularly?

This is just a partial list. There are others - your kitchen sponge, pillow cover and more...

Wash your hands!

How often should you  wash your hands? The oftener the better!  Wash after using the bathroom. Wash after  you enter your home or workplace. Wash before eating with your fingers.

Good hand hygiene is essential to prevent avoidable infections. Holding your hands under the tap for a few seconds is not good enough. Click here to learn How to Wash Hands.

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