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January 31, 2014

Amazing Nick Vuicic

  No Worries!

This is what Nick Vuicic believes. The absence of arms and legs has not deterred him from living life the way he wants to. Above all, he is an extraordinary human being with a zest for life and a strong belief in the power of faith and a positive attitude.

A wonderful motivational speaker, he has visited 24 countries and addressed 3 million people. He's a big hit with teenagers.  Watch Five Minutes with Nick Vuicic  and you too will be amazed.

Nick Vuicic in India

He was born in Australia with a rare condition - a perfectly healthy baby without any limbs. His parents gradually came to terms with it and decided to give him a normal upbringing. Nick attended mainstream schools and acquired a university degree. While a student he founded Life Without Limbs, a non-profit organisation which he continues to mentor.

None of this happened without grit and hard work. As a 10-year-old, Nick was so depressed and frustrated that he had seriously considered suicide.  There were ups and downs. Today, thirty one year-old Nick Vuicic owns a company called Attitude is Altitude. He has written books and acted in films. He enjoys swimming, surfboarding, football and golf. He has even gone skydiving! Hard to believe? Read this article in the  Daily Mail -UK.

Nick, Kanae and Kiyosho

Something very special happened in 2012. Nick Vuicic fell in love and married Kanae Miyahara. How did he slip the ring  on her finger? That is another heart-warming story! Now they live in California with their little son Kiyosho. Nick continues to work and travel, carrying his inspirational message:  No arms,  No legs. No Worries!

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