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November 15, 2014

Happenings Old and New

Not a single post for 4 months, when I was on the move. I guess I needed to be on my home turf to resume blogging! A lot has been happening since June - in my life, in the world. However, yesterday's sensational news are often forgotten today. Yet, most of us want to know what's going on  - as I do via the WORLD NEWS  section displayed at the bottom of this page.

The media - talking heads on TV, streaming news on the internet and the good old newspaper delivered daily at one's doorstep - goes on and on about politics, business and entertainment. Today's  top 5 headlines are a fair representation of daily news coverage.

  • Philae comet lander back in contact  ... space exploration
  • Leaders meet in Brisbane for G20  ... politics
  • Boko Haram militants 'seize Chibok' ... terrorism
  • 'Major milestone' in polio battle  ... health
  • Fifa judge 'surprised' at criticism  ... sports

How does one decide what is important or significant enough to really matter? Or merit more than a few minutes of our attention?

Today the headline about Philae caught my eye. A space robot transmits information from the surface of  a comet! Will this news grip the world's imagination as did the first landing on the moon? What insights about the comet will Philae and Rosetta reveal to the excited scientists back on earth? Click here for an update from Emily Lakdawalla of the Planetary Society.

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