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May 05, 2016

Golden Nuggets #3

" Most of us accept the myth that we are rational creatures and masters of our own destiny. Till, out of the blue, something awful happens to us."

Sudden death. Severe disability. Betrayal. End of a relationship. Failure. Any of these can hit you in the stomach. Calling it trauma or tragedy does not take away the feelings of pain and helplessness. No matter how well other things in your life are going, your rational self seems to vanish. Your predominant reaction is anger towards anyone who counsels acceptance and bitterness towards cruel destiny.

There are many ways of coping with personal loss. As someone said " The highway of life has some pretty rough patches of asphalt on it." By simply accepting it, gritting your teeth and moving on, you will get through. 

This post is just to remind ourselves that we are only human ... not always rational and certainly not always masters of our destiny.

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